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We are committed to the Lubrication and functional chemicals. Not only the better chemicals, we are also able to offer the high quality technology solutions.
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Committed to lubricants and performance chemicals

Committed to lubricants and performance chemicals.

One of the leading suppliers of synthetic base stocks in China. 

All kinds of synthetic materials designed to meet different needs of synthetic lubricants.

NACO develops kinds of synthetic lubricant materials including Polyalphaolefins, synthetic esters, synthetics hydrocarbon base oils. NACO persistently adheres to its management concept of offering all-sided technology solutions assistant to enterprise.

Products :

  • Ultra-high Viscosity NacoFlow mPAO
  • SinoSyn Polyalphaolefins
  • SynNaph AN
  • SynNaph ADPE
  • PriEco Esters
  • DW Additives